4 season camping for under £100: Kit List


You’ve had a look at our website and share the vision. You have decided that you want to have a dabble at four season wild camping. However, you’re on a budget. Is it possible to become a seriously feisty wild camper and only spend a £100? We would answer with a resounding “YES.”

Choosing Your Style of Camping


Before deciding to shell out a whole world of cash on camping kit, it is worth doing a little background research first. What are you going to be doing? Who with? How much do you value comfort over lightweight? This article will guide you through the process and save you some serious dosh

How to go Lightweight


Ultralight camping is a theme that has been a driving force in equipment design. Tents and backpacks are becoming ever lighter. However does lightweight mean rampantly expensive? This article explores the concept of lightweight camping and gives practical advice on how you can shed a pound… or ten

Wild Camping and the Law


If you want to go wild camping and check where you stand legally have a look at this article. We briefly explore what the law says so you know what you can/can’t do and where you can legally camp.

How to make ​Char Cloth

Char Cloth, Charcloth, Char paper, Charpaper, Making, How to makeChar cloth is an incredibly flammable material that will catch a spark and ignite very easily. It is a cracking way to generate a fire. This article looks at how to make such an amazing- and lightweight- material

Why smashing up your phone could save your life

iphone_600Did you know that inside your mobile phone there is enough kit to keep you alive in the wild? Who could have possibly thought that survival could have come in such a lightweight package?! Read on…

An Introduction to Fly Fishing

Fly fishing, Camping, Match the hatch, Fly rod, Fly reel, Fly casting, fishing is traditionally thought of as a rather elitist hobby practiced by people who have their own estates. It is no more elitist than supping a fine single malt from a hip flask. In fact we would argue that there is nothing more manly than camping, catching your own salmon, and cooking it.

How to Purify Water

How to purify water, water purification, camping, wildOn many camping trips we can’t physically carry enough water with us so we rely on replenishing our stocks from rivers. Any water you collect needs to be treated to prevent illness. This article explores the different treatment methods available to you and their strengths and limitations.

How to Choose an Axe

Gransfors bruk, Camping axe, Camp axe, Forest axe, Felling axe, Survival hatchet, feisty camping.wordpress.comAre you looking to buy an axe, this feisty guide will help you select the perfect chopper to suit your style of camping.

How to Maintain Your Axe

Gransfors bruk, Camping axe, Camp axe, Forest axe, Felling axe, Survival hatchet, feisty camping.wordpress.comYou need to protect your axe from the elements, this quick guide will stop your axe head getting rusty and the handle from rotting!


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