Research Feisty Camping Before you Buy

Jonathan Davenport (aka Jonski) and David Attwood (aka the Old Boy) have enjoyed camping and adventuring for over 25 years and founded Feisty Camping out of a strong desire to support fellow adventurers because these folk are a pretty cool subset of society.

Our time in the field has taught us one thing; there is a cornucopia of camping kit out there. Some of it is good. Some if it isn’t. We would always RESEARCH BEFORE WE BUY.

However research was a rather protracted business. Take two person tents for example. There are over twenty different companies each one having ten tents in that category. You have to look at each tent, the material, dimensions, other specs and check reviews before finally making a purchase. The process was incredibly time-consuming and tedious…. until the launch of Feisty.

Our website finally provides our community with something that has hitherto never existed;  a one-stop-shop that does the whole process for you! Unlike other websites, we are completely independent so our advice is unbiased – companies know this when we review their kit.

So if you are thinking about buying a tent, bivvy, backpack, or sleeping bag come and take a look at 

Firstly, read our section on Buying advice where you can get an idea of the different materials and products on the market. This knowledge lets you sift through the marketing spin.

Secondly, visit our comparison charts where you can see, laid out in front of you, all the products on the market today with weights, dimensions, specifications, reviews and price. You can hyperlink to the company by clicking on the photo or go straight through to Amazon, or ebay, to buy the product.

An example of our tent comparison charts. These charts exist for tents, bivvies, sleeping bags, and back packs

Getting the right kit has never been simpler and what’s more, we will be continually updating our website to provide more useful comparisons. We are currently working on a tarp comparison table and in the future will be updating our 3 and 4+ person tents.

The future is looking feisty

Ultralight Fly Fishing 3: Wild Swimming on the Dart

After pandering to mediocrity yesterday and not catching any dinner, today we set up a new objective. The weather was too hot to catch fish (always an excuse), so we decided to swim with them instead. Our aim was to find a beautiful wild swimming spot, ideally somewhere you could dive into.

We set off along the rock laden river bank moving swiftly when something happened which I’m not entirely sure I should explain. We were moving like ninjas, somewhere between a light jog and a run, effortlessly bounding over rocks, roots and water. One of us was humming the Lord of the Rings sound track and so “prancing” was born.

Verb – to move like an elf or dwarf, covering large distances swiftly whilst looking rugged and singing the LOTR sound track at full volume (definitely scared the fish away by now).

Anyway we pranced for about 47 seconds before we became aware of how absurd we looked and continued the rest of the way imagining we were in LOTR and never mentioning prancing again. Anyway we marched for a ages. Occasionally jumping into the river’s rapids to cool down and have some fun, but still we hadn’t found any really deep water.

Dave cooling down in some rapids
Dave cooling down in some rapids

Given it had been so hot for a few weeks the water level was lower than normal so it was doubtful we’d find anywhere deep enough to dive. But Dave assured me he knew of a place that “would be quite fun”.

This turned out to be the mother of all under statements as he took me to a rocky outcrop that over looked the river. Never has the term over-achiever been more justified than when speaking about Dave. What an incredible find! An old ladder attached to the rock face took us down to an outcrop flanked by a cliff. Ahead of me were rapids and immediately below was a deep plunge pool. We did what any man would do and bombed into the water (let’s not forget that safety never takes a holiday and you shouldn’t bomb into water unless you know how deep it is and Dave knew because he’s a powerful beast).

Dave demonstrating how powerful his shorts are
Dave demonstrating how powerful his shorts are

The pool was deep enough that we couldn’t touch the bottom and there was only the gentlest of currents. It was paradise.