Feisty’s Top 5 Survival Tips When Hiking In The Wild…

Below are 5 feisty no-nonsense survival tips when out trekking. Obviously there are hundreds of different survival rules out there and they depend upon the type of emergency you’re in. These are general tips and we aren’t exploring the necessity to find water or food etc. We’ll cover these subjects in more detail in articles on our main website in the future.
1. Make sure you tell people where you are going and when they should expect you back. At least half the survival documentaries I’ve worked on have been about people who have been in horrific situations in the wild and failed to tell anyone where they were going and when they should be expected back. It’s madness!
2. Take the right gear. Compass, and maps are obviously useful, but if you’re climbing a mountain think about storm shelters etc. If you’re travelling somewhere really remote consider a satellite phone. Think about how much water you will need and whether you can replenish your stocks en-route.
3. Check the weather and make your plans accordingly.
4. If lost make yourself visible. Create signals with fire, or lay out branches/rocks on the ground to spell “HELP”.
5. Make a shelter. It will keep you warm and help to protect you from getting dehydrated by the sun.
For survival articles fill your boots on at our website: http://www.feistycamping.co.uk/#!survival-and-camping-skills/c16n4

Feisty Sauce

Camping food can be merciless, especially if you use dehydrated or freeze dried meals. However even the most rancid gruel can be improved with the acquisition and application of hot chilli sauce.

Normally we just take a mini bottle of Tabasco sauce with us on any adventure, but we’re taking a stand against mediocrity and going to create our own ‘Feisty Sauce’ for the next camping trip. This will be no normal sauce it will be a high octane roller coaster ride of powerful chilli so intense we need but a few drops to enhance any of our meals. With that in mind we needed about 15 Scotch Bonnet chilli peppers!




15 x Scotch Bonnet Chilli Peppers

2 x Tbsp salt

2 x Tbsp olive oil

2 x Tbsp cider vinegar

Put on some rubber gloves or prepare to know the meaning of searing pain. Now de-seed the chillis and slice them up. Place them in a blender with the salt and whizz it up until you have a fine pulp. Now add the vinegar and oil and blitz once again. Have a quick taste and be proud of your achievement. Not only is this hot but it’s mouth wateringly tasty!

chilli sauce


Pour into a sterilised jar and it will keep for 3 months in the fridge! Just take a small amount with you on your next camping trip and you won’t be disappointed! For more camping recipes simply go to our main website on the link below: http://www.feistycamping.co.uk/#!food-and-drink-in-the-wild/cfnz