How Your Phone Could Save Your Life

survival skills, mobile phone

You’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with just your mobile phone. It’s been damaged and you can’t make calls for help, but your iPhone could still be your lifeline. Inside a modern smart phone casing are an abundance of things that could help you survive and aid in rescue efforts.​

survival skills, mobile phone

Make a Fire

For this to work you need to make sure you have dry tinder ready, use wood or dry leaves for this. Remember the six Ps of camping – Perfect planning prevents piss poor performance.

Underneath the reflective surface of the phone will be loads of wires, pull these out and expose the metal inside. Locate the battery and identify the positive and negative ends. Now touch one end of the wire to the plus and the other end to the negative end. After just a few seconds the wire will start to smolder and will be red hot. Place this onto your tinder and unless you are an underachiever you will have created fire and will become a god to your fellow survivors!

Make a Knife

Inside a smart phone you will find a circuit board. If you work this against a smooth rock you should be able to create a fairly sharp edged tool. Mount this onto a stick to create a basic knife or spear. Use wires, headphones or the inside of stinging nettles to make twine to bind the blade to the stick.

Make a Signal

Inside most modern phones you will find a reflective surface. You could use this to bounce sunlight as a signal to get attention from hikers or planes.

Make a Fishing rod

Well not quite, but inside a phone are all sorts of reflective pieces of metal which can be used to make fishing lures. For them to be of any use you’re going to need some fishing line but it’s an interesting concept! With all of the wires or head phones you could also consider trying to make snares.

​Make a Compass

Inside the speakers of a phone are magnets. Use them to magnetize a small strip of wire then place it on a leaf and float it on some water. This will now tell you north and south.


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